Jun 212018

Know that you are loved

There is so much love in the world and sometimes it’s so hard to see. Sometimes we close down the door to the love that is already present. When we allow it, it is infinite.  A friend of mine gave me a poem that he wrote and I thought it said it all too well Some bottle Love, seal it, but it leaks out, like when you’ve been drinking Some let it flow, and it flows and flows, continous, inexhaustible, forever.  

May 292018

The Divided Self

The divided self How can we be happy when most of us have many different parts of ourselves working at the same time. Becoming aware of the many aspects of you, you can try and align all parts so they work together within you as opposed to having those parts working against each other. This is what I call the divided self: The Soul self The divinity that lives within, you higher most self and your purpose for being on this playground called earth The genetic/instinctual self The animal/genetic part of you. The part that operates from a place of…Continue Reading

May 242018

The all in all. The All, is in all of us, as we are in everything. Homeless people, I seem to learn a lot from homeless people.  A few weeks back, I was going to the bank machine to take out money and there was a homeless man laying completely drunk on the ground, hanging to his guitar for dear life. I felt a lot of emotion for this person so I gave him €10, more accurately I left it into his unconscious hand. €10 was sadly far above the normal change I would give to a homeless person. On…Continue Reading

May 242018

Fear- False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR- False – Evidence – Appearing – Real. Fears keep us locked in suffering, it keep us from moving forwards towards joy, life and abundance. Yesterday I felt a strong fear wash over me after a meditation. I sourced this fear to the fear of being alone.  My fear was the fear of being alone, and I realised how can you ever be alone when you are with yourself. Your divinity is always present to you. You see many people alone in large groups of people. Many people feel lonely in relationships, alone in their family and with their friends. They are alone…Continue Reading

May 242018

Sometimes its OK to not be OK.

Sometimes its Ok to not be OK. Growing up in Ireland, there is a habit to put a positive spin on everything. People are very uncomfortable if you are any less than OK. Not matter whats life’s circumstances are, the response to ‘How are you?’ is ‘Im grand’, not wanting to burden others with your sorrows. Well sometimes I am not grand, sometimes Im bloody shit and thats OK, and then something happens, in the debts of me accepting that I am not OK, I am suddenly OK. And then thats OK too. Welcome to life!

Nov 012016

Loyalty to the struggle

I feel it in my own spine; a sort of loyalty to the struggle  Why is it so easy to continue the story of hardship and struggle. What has kept us locked in this struggle? Has our society been created to do such a thing and why? Are there higher powers that want to keep us locked into a system of suffering as a means of control? Keep us caged or is it each one of us that lock our own cage. Every day having the freedom to walk through but comfortable in the known security of the cage. Comfortable to…Continue Reading

Jul 182012

A message from Archangel Michael….

reiki nice

My guardian angel is here to help you remember who you truly are. You are all beings of light sent here to help create a better whole, to help in expand and grow in light. My mission is to help you remember that you are a perfect human being , born complete with no fears and worries and to enjoy the experience of life and light. Because it is along though the human experience that we can enjoy the light and life and love. When we are energy we cant experience ourselves and therefore we are created to have the world reflect back on…Continue Reading