May 242018

Fear- False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear- False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR- False – Evidence – Appearing – Real.

Fears keep us locked in suffering, it keep us from moving forwards towards joy, life and abundance. Yesterday I felt a strong fear wash over me after a meditation. I sourced this fear to the fear of being alone. 

My fear was the fear of being alone, and I realised how can you ever be alone when you are with yourself. Your divinity is always present to you. You see many people alone in large groups of people. Many people feel lonely in relationships, alone in their family and with their friends. They are alone because they aren’t aware of themselves. If you aren’t aware of the presence of your divinity you can never be alone. You can never be alone in the presence of others, because you are always connected to others. You can’t be alone in nature for you are just as much in the nature as you are in yourself. See this divinity is you and it runs throughout you but also throughout everything else, at varying degrees of course.

Fears are never valid.

However, not being aware of this, for most of my life I have told myself the story of my lonliness. When I had no friends as a child I told myself that I needed to suffer, that if these people reject me then I must reject myself. If my mother is absent in her mind to me, it must be me. So again I must reject myself. For all of this was just that people were in their own suffering. What if we were told that we can never be alone, that we are valid no matter who is looking and our greatness is not dependant on the words or visions others but it is dependent on ability to open us to the joy that lives within us.

When we are present to ourselves we are never alone.

For anyone that has suffered huge trauma it can be very difficult to say thid too, the act of being present to the trauma can be too much for one to handle. EFT or acupuncture can be a good way to realise the energy from the trauma so you can then look at it. It can be good to look at a trauma from the place of a third person first, see it as your friend, be gentle with it. You first instinct will be to run from it. But….

What if I told you that on the other side of all your fears and anxiety was pure love and joy.

That this was your birthright but some how along the way you told yourself, that you are not worth it, That it was wrong to love yourself, it was wrong to be free and somehow you will be punished for it. What if you could drop all that right now and stand in your greatness but to do that you needed to look at everything that held you back. You needed to make all the beliefs that you hang on to so closely not valid. You need to drop all the falsehoods of the ego, so you can stand in your being, your being of pure love. We all need egos in order to live and play in this world, we need a name a face a body and a role. We dont need every false belief we create, we don’t needs our fears, our worries and our self doubts, these are the falsehoods of the ego.