Sep 212012
Grounding Excersise


Grounding is a very important part of life. We take our energy from the earth and well as the ‘heavens’ and it is therefore very important to have a balance between the two worlds.

When we are not grounded you may feel out of touch with reality or ‘away with the faries’ There are a few simple methods that can help bring you back down to earth.

Here is a simple exercise to help you to ground yourself and reconnect you to the earth:

Sit or stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Imagine that you are a tall majestic tree. You body is as straight and solid as the trunk of a tree.

Powerful roots grow underneath your feet from each of your toes. Imagine these root going deep into the earth. These spread out far around you, firmly set into the ground. You can feel yourself drawing energy from the earth, rooting you to the ground. Your roots unite you with Mother Earth who nourishes you with a revitalizing, serenes and beneficial sap. This sap runs up through your feet, into your legs and throughout every single vein and artery in your whole entire body. This sap cleanses and purifies your entire body. This healing energy flows through all parts of your body; from bottom to top.

Now imagine your  arms are like the branches of a tree. Open up to let your feelings and emotions flourish as leaves tossed by the wind. You feel the sunlight caressing your skin, illuminating your entire being, which now vibrates at the rhythm of the seasons. You are a being of light, with hair like thousands of antennae, seed harnessing the energy of the cosmos. these seeds are full of unlimited happiness.

Breath deeply, feeling fulfilled and overflowing with energy. Now open your eyes to the reality that your energetic roots remain grounded and your leaves radiates love to all that lives.




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