Nov 012016
Loyalty to the struggle

I feel it in my own spine; a sort of loyalty to the struggle

 Why is it so easy to continue the story of hardship and struggle. What has kept us locked in this struggle? Has our society been created to do such a thing and why? Are there higher powers that want to keep us locked into a system of suffering as a means of control? Keep us caged or is it each one of us that lock our own cage. Every day having the freedom to walk through but comfortable in the known security of the cage. Comfortable to be accepted by others in our low self worth. Not believing that we need anything more. Afraid to be rejected by others in our joy and glory. Allowing others to see what’s possible, it may create a spark of fear in them.

We are not afraid of being small, our biggest fears is that we are more powerful and limitless than we could ever imagine and have a birthright that is of joy, love and abundance. We have allowed this to be taken from us and the fight and the war is within each one of us to claim back this birthright. Our greatest enemny is the lies we tell ourselfves, its the fight taht make make each and every day.

The greatest war is the war within each one of us. A war to banish every thought and belief that told you that you were less than. In fact its not a fight but a letting go, a stopping. A choosing to do things better. Stop telling yourself that you don’t deserve abundance, an abundance of joy, that you are separate from everything and everyone. It is now time for you to make a commitment to follow your greatness, follow the inner abundance of peace and joy and for you to allow this abundance to then be reflected into your other world.

Money is not abundance if it has come from a place of fear, if has come from a place where someone wishes to build a wall around themselves. To prove to others their worth, this is not abundance.It is not abundaant if it comes from fear and greed. This causes pain and again suffering. But  money that is used to enhanced ones live and to be shared with other people in their life, when it come from a part in the soul it is very abundant and should be celebrated,

Many people with money can suffer, if there money comes from a non abundant place. Once you created inner abundance it will naturally  create a life of outer abundance and then it should be celebrated in all forms. For many years I struggled with this idea. I saw my work as a business woman and spiritual being separate. When business is done in a manner which takes into account the limitlessness of us it is quiet abundant and has probably been one of my greatest teachers so far.

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