May 242018

The all in all. The All, is in all of us, as we are in everything.

The all in all. The All, is in all of us, as we are in everything.

The all in all. The All, is in all of us, as we are in everything.

Homeless people, I seem to learn a lot from homeless people.  A few weeks back, I was going to the bank machine to take out money and there was a homeless man laying completely drunk on the ground, hanging to his guitar for dear life. I felt a lot of emotion for this person so I gave him €10, more accurately I left it into his unconscious hand. €10 was sadly far above the normal change I would give to a homeless person. On the way back I started to obsessively imagine how people would react to me giving this amount of money to a homeless person, I imagined how most people’s reaction would be negative. Most people think why doesn’t he just get a job etc etc. This continued all day until I realised that this obsession with  his homeless man was due to the fact that he reminded me of my father.

When my farther was drinking he would often be found unconscious on the floor. When we used to come home from school and find him drunk on the ground, we used to just ignore him. In fact at times we would just step right over him, secretly dying inside, party paralysed with fear, shock and just not knowing what to do. It really upset me to see the similarities between this homeless man and my farther.  My father was apart of this homeless man. This homeless man had a part of my father in him. We can see the All in everything, and all of us in everyone. The All runs throughout everything as I too run throughout everything as so does my farther and my mother etc etc. There is no real difference between us, colour, race, sex, nationality, they’re all man made boundaries, but in fact we are all the same. My father was the same as this homeless man on that day but tomorrow my father might be the cop at the side of the road, or the ex boyfriend who isn’t there for me or the client that gives me some good advice. For my father is in everyone, as is the all, as is my mother, my sister, my friend and me.   Wow all that learning from €10, best money spent in a long while.

I think growing up I was very aware of the connection between all of us without really knowing it. I’ve always had a strong sense for other peoples emotions and only through work on boundaries have I been able to feel only my own emotions, and let others feel theirs. I remember being very paranoid going into college, as I thought everyone could see my insecurities. I remember my counsellor trying to convince me that people couldn’t see all my insecurities but I didn’t believe him as I could see theirs. As an older adult, the more I see of myself, the more I can see of others. I just see myself in other people. That’s my greatest experience with the All in all, is seeing me in others. When I say that, I mean that I see their hurt and the cause of it but its just the same as mine once was. So I see me in them. When I say that it lifts my heart 🙂

Explaining my understanding of the All is like trying to explain enlightenment. Well in fact enlightenment is just the realisation of the All in all, including me. It is the becoming of the All, the understanding that you have the whole universe backing you up, literally the whole universe is behind this very small me. Behind the very small me is the power of the universe and this runs through everything. Wither people choose to realise it or not it is still the same truth. That’s why when your enlightened, you have the same relationship to everything, because you see you, in everything. You truly realise that you are just as much in you, as you are in the trees and the birds. And this ‘you’ is the All….if that makes sense. The All is the love energy and when you realise the all in you you realise the love enregy in you and you see the energy thoughout everything

There is apart of me that feels there is more to this chapter. It seems to want to tell you that the All is not understandable, but maybe its steers you away from trying to understand the All, so that you will realise that you are the All, well apart of the All.

This all runs thoughout all time and also no time therefore as I heal my hurt, I heal it for this life, the past lives and all the future to come. It stops with me here right now.

Expanding on the first paragraph, I sometimes wonder if \ I am as much Shakespere as I am Mac Beth. Even though I am an actor in the play, have I also created the play? IF I am constantly changing to different realities, have I also created the other actors in this reality. I wonder has this whole reality been created just for me, like in that film vanilla sky. Wow, with that understanding it really gives you the power to truly create your own world. The more you realise that you create your reality the more you can influence and create it. This is like lucid dreaming you just got to practice making the pots disappear.

This was written by me as part of a response to an assignment for the ‘Mindlink School of metaphysics’.