May 292018
The Divided Self

The divided self

How can we be happy when most of us have many different parts of ourselves working at the same time. Becoming aware of the many aspects of you, you can try and align all parts so they work together within you as opposed to having those parts working against each other.

This is what I call the divided self:

The Soul self

  • The divinity that lives within, you higher most self and your purpose for being on this playground called earth

The genetic/instinctual self

  • The animal/genetic part of you. The part that operates from a place of survival wither its day to day survival or the survival of the species. The part that matches you to a partner for genetic reasons or causes you to jump in fight when someone surprises you.

The self formed from learned behavioural and education

  • The self that has picked up habits from experience and how to learn think etc form our educational system as well as from family friends etc. This is the you that makes judgements biased on past behaviours.

The ancestral self

  • The part of you that is rooted in the Akka or akasic records. The part of you that is influenced by your ansestory

The Societal self as well the self biased on the morals of society

  • The standards set by society of whats right and wrong, how we should live and whats acceptable by the standard of the area we live.

The expected self

  • What are your expectations of yourself and who you feel you should be biased on all the above

In most of us, these selves work in conflict with each other. Constantly choosing taking into account all of the above. How do you find out who you are and what you want but only for You. The reason why I capitalise the Y is that this the divine you. The one, in theory, that surpasses suffering, that sees life as a serious of lessons. This you has fun in a game that has ups and downs but it is essentially a game and should be treated as such. But as part of the game on this world we also need to take into account the other factors, we can be good at the game but not at a cost to the soul self. We should know the rules of the game but only so we ca play it, in a manor that allows the soul self to play, to develop.

When there is so such conflict between the many selves it causes stress and anxiety in some cases it can be so debilitating that people cant move. Some people want to commit suicide as one self cant live with another.

We need to be able to live with all our ‘selves’ aligned. If your souls purpose is to be a teacher but you parents always wanted you to be a lawyer. No matter which path will cause suffering as there will be a conflict with the selves.

So we need to align the many selves firstly by becoming aware of them and the hold tehy ahve on your life.